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Memorandum Descend on exchange student language and culture...

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scholarship & tuition fees

Chenla University always give a lot of scholarship to all student.

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Enrollment & Registration

Chenla University will be tell you detail about this when you at there.

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Curriculums Schedules

Chanla University have some condition for all student to study here.

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General Information

Chenla University , founded in 2007, located across from the Moniret-Street and Stree 231 coner opposite the Royal Palace Hotel. Another campus locates behind the Soya Mall ( Phsar Thmei ) across from New World.
Chenla is a remarkably young-in-age but mature-in-educating university that is now processing the undergraduate educational programs with more than three thousand students over a number of useful college courses including English Literature, Nursing and Midwifery, Laws, Business, Management, Accounting, and Information Technology etc. using English-based curriculums and American credit systems.
Chenla University has two campuses, as shown above, and it is considering to build one more 12-storey campus for its future educational expansion needing to deal with the prospective pool of students because they learn its real fruitful achievement in helping and orienting students. Recently Chenla University had been given and sent Cambodian poor-but-outstanding nursing students to pursue their higher health caring and midwifery courses with full scholarships in South Korea. Moreover, CLU had also sent a group of students and professors to visit Thai Tammasath University as a study tours.

Chenla University's Foundations

Chenla University is strengthened by its foundation and foreign partners' supports, and within a short period of time it shocks the Accreditation of Cambodian Committee-ACC and the ministry of Health as well as the MoEd over its administrative structure containing many nationwide famous educators as its academic board and many well-inform professional teachers, lecturers and professors who are specialized in the fields they teach and have lifelong teaching experiences in undergraduate and postgraduate educations.
Besides, Chenla University now has two big foreign university partners: the Kon Yang University in South Korea and the Tammasat University, the second Thai nationwide famous university.

Formal Accreditation

Chenla University, CLU, was founded in 2007 in the pursue of helping the poor and language-unfit students, and it was accepted and registered by the Royal government and the ministry of Education and ministry of Health (Sub-Decree No 128, dated on September 17, 2007) and the Accreditation Committee of Cambodia-ACC (Full Accreditation Certificate for Academic Years 2007-10, Decision No 01470836, dated October 22, 2008).

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